17 April 2009


Guys and gals,

I need your help. I’m beginning a letter campaign on behalf of my father to get him the United Nations Korean Medal. The United Nations has repeatedly denied request after request from Korean Defense Veterans. From their website, I’ll post the following Key Points To This Award:

1) The Congress and the Defense Department of The United States of America have authorized the award of the new(then) KOREA DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL (a campaign medal) to all who served in defense of the Republic of Korea from 28 July 1954 to a date to be determined.

2.) The Korea Defense Service Combat Recognition Act became Public Law allowing retroactive award of the CIB/CMB on the same basis as other regions/theaters/operations for Army Forces in Korea personally engaged with enemy forces from 28 July 1953 – TBD

3.) United States Armed Forces and UK Forces in Korea are in direct support of the United Nations as members of the U.S. led United Nations Forces Command supporting the unchanged UN Security Council Resolutions of 1950 as they continue negotiations seeking a permanent peace.

4.) U.S. Armed Forces Headquarters and DMZ Outposts (UN Guard Posts) continue to fly the United Nations flag.

5.) U.S. Armed Forces members, post armistice, have been given orientation in proper conduct as a representative of both the United States and the United Nations while completing the tour of duty in defense of the Republic of Korea.

6.) The United States Armed Forces in Korea are members of a containment operation of a viable enemy as well as assistance and defense to a nation resulting from the Armistice Agreement of 1953 (temporary halt to open hostilities with no surrender, peace treaty, or other agreement) negotiated with the assistance and support of the United Nations.

7.) U.S. and UK Armed Forces in Korea during patrol activity and guard duty at all times wear/wore combat attire including helmets, battle dress uniforms, carry loaded weapons and ammunition, communications devices, other required gear and they remain(ed) on a high alert status equal to that found in other UN Operations everywhere else in the world..

8.) Armed Forces from the ROK, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Philippines, Ethiopia, and France still have a military presence in South Korea.

Please, whatever advice you can give, would be appreciated. A letter would even be helpful, but that’s a bit much to ask for just one man.

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