30 April 2009

Black Velvet Bruce Li – Cuccinelli for AG

Greg, at BVBL, supports Ken Cuccinelli for the GOP nomination for AG.  I’ve attempted not to blog about this rather contentious race for a while to let things simmer down. However, it is important that we have a genuine conservative who has a record to back it up.  With all due respect to Mr. Brownlee and Mr. Foster, I sincerely believe that Ken Cuccinelli will offer the sharpest contrast to Steve Shannon among the GOP candidates. People talk about the lesser of two evils, but I say its still evil. With Ken Cuccinelli, there will be no debate about where he stands.

Is every candidate perfect on every minute vote? Of course not. We must factor personal conviction into the equation when considering a candidate’s record. Ken Cuccinelli has overwhelmingly shown himself to be not only a committed conservative, but a conservative leader within the State Senate.

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  1. I agree... It's refreshing to have politicians who actually vote like they campaign!