01 May 2009

These are the people the big O has for supporters?

I WILL NOT link to these whackjobs, but I will reprint WITHOUT permission. These people view us as terrorists. By the way, commenting has been removed.


Republicans ARE terrorists.

by: kestrel9000

Thu Apr 30, 2009 at 17:12:22 PM EDT

That's it. To bloody hell with the Republican party, their lies, their half truths, and their attempt to terrorize the American people and turn them against the President.

To every Republican reading my words, I say:
SHAME on you, SHAME on your leaders, and SHAME on your party.
"Taking techniques off the table." The "techniques" referred to are CRIMES. Whether they generated useful information (which claims on their part I say are lies) is irrelevant. They are CRIMES.
We now now that Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was subjected to waterboard torture 183 times in one month in order to get him to assert a nonexistent link between Saddam Hussein and AlQaida, to provide an additional false justification for the lying bastards that dragged us into Iraq for no valid reason whatever.

Consider: a Republican administration illegally tortured a detainee 183 times in one month in order to get his to add an additional lie to the pile of lies used by those same Republicans to lead us into a war based on lies that has resulted in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of human beings.

Republicans, you rightly belong consigned to the dustbin of history with the Whigs.


Republicans hate you, they hate the President, and from this, it is clear they hate America....as long as Democrats are in charge.

Hate and fear.
It is all the Republicans have to offer.
May they rot in hell.

While this “person” is exercising their 1st Amendment rights, let me say this. I have a big problem with the Bush Administration, but I challenge you to say there was an attack on our soil AFTER 9/11. Guys, this person is posting on a Virginia website. I wonder if they’ve seen the video Dogwood Pundit had up last week? Then tell me we are dealing with rational humans.

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