16 May 2009

Rick Warren on Larry King


NOTE: Read this article from the Baptist Banner which fills in gaps in the King interview


I know this has made the rounds. For those who stand for traditional marriage, this is an important segment to watch. This man is a pastor and marriage is “not even his agenda?” He even calls himself an evangelical? The Bible tells us that we will give an accounting of all our idle words. These words are not merely foolish things we’ve said, but also things that we shouldn’t have said that is contrary to the Word of God. Rick Warren, as will Charlie Fugate and everyone else for that matter, will give an accounting for his stance.

What is not mentioned here is that Warren did indeed meet with his congregation and express support for Prop 8. Which is it Pastor Warren? Yes or no. Do you support gay marriage or traditional marriage.



If you notice the crawler at the bottom, people come out for and against Mr. Warren’s stance. It’s a mixed bag.

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