09 May 2009

O is for Obfuscator

At least that’s my take on this article from today’s The Hill online. Calling for credit card reform, the Spender-in-Chief is coming up with creative means to bilk the hard working Americans who pay their credit cards ON TIME!!! Just when you think the talk coming out of Washington is the murkiest it can be, the Chief Obfuscator takes it to a whole new level with this:

Obama called for stronger consumer protections from credit card companies, including credit card statements with cleared language and stronger penalties for companies that "take advantage of ordinary Americans."

Credit card reform? How about encouraging the American people to reform their credit behavior? That would be true credit card reform. If you can’t pay cash for it, don’t use a credit card. It’s that simple.

“Take advantage of ordinary Americans.” Typical boilerplate response but the Chief Obfuscator appears to be trying to take a populist approach because he knows that a straight up liberal strategy will not work.

My question is what avenue of private life will the Obfuscator invade next?

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