11 May 2009

Citizen Tom meets Senator Cuccinelli

One of my favorite blogs in Virginia, Citizen Tom, has this post up about his meeting with Attorney General candidate Ken Cuccinelli. I believe that CT has done an excellent job laying the case for Senator Cuccinelli.


    • Conservative record.  Cuccinelli has a seven year record in the General Assembly.   Cuccinelli emphasized that his record in the General Assembly proves that he means it when he says that as Attorney General he will fight to protect citizen rights and the rights of the Virginia Commonwealth from Federal encroachment.   For example, when his opponents were no where to be found, Cuccinelli backed the Marriage Amendment.  We can count on him to defend it.
    • Back to basics campaign.   As our candidate, he would strive to develop a volunteer based grassroots organization/campaign across the state.  How would he attract volunteers?  As our Attorney General, Cuccinelli promised to focus on core principles, defending the basic rights of the citizens of Virginia.
    • Winning Northern Virginia.   With a grassroots organization, Cuccinelli has proven he know how to win even in Northern Virginia.  As the Republican nominee for Attorney General, he would bring this capacity to develop such an organization, benefiting Republicans statewide.
    • Cuccinelli realizes the job is not about him.  He told a story about a gentlemen who had served as his campaign manager.  After the election victory, he tried to thank the gentleman.  The man curtly refused his thanks.  He said:   “I did not do it for you.”   With that simple statement, the gentleman made it plain that the principles Cuccinelli stood for, not Cuccinelli himself, had earned his support.


With three candidates in this race, the nomination will come down to grassroots organizational skills. I believe Senator Cuccinelli has the advantage with this. It’s about to wind up and start getting ready for the General Election campaign.

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