15 May 2009

RNC: Another good fundraising month

According to The Hill, the RNC raised $5.7 million, of which the vast majority came from individual contributions. This is significant for the GOP for two very important reasons:

1.) The GOP outraised the DNC for another month. This places cash on hand for the RNC at $24.3 million versus $9.8 million for the DNC. This is HUGE. The GOP is putting the full court press on the DNC and Governor “Timmy”.


2.) Perhaps as important, the majority of this influx of cash came from individual contributors. This means that the GOP is starting to understand the importance of grassroots fundraising again. Whether this will translate to votes in 2009 for the GOP, that remains to be seen. However, it does indicate a stronger party than what many pundits give it credit for being.

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