08 May 2009


According to The Hill, Pete Hoekstra has left open the possibility of seeking hearings on what Madam Speaker knew and when she knew it. I will be as blunt and as truthful as I can be here. It’s all about politics. It’s the game and these people don’t get reelected by not knowing how to play it AND the system. Need an example?

Pelosi's critics had already deemed her answers convoluted when she explained that she'd been briefed in 2002 that waterboarding had been approved but not that it would be used on terrorism suspects.

Excuse me, Madam Speaker, according to your rhetoric and that of the left wing of your party explicitly condemns “torture” in any form and whoever it is on.

Hoekstra, on the other hand, seems to be gearing up for requesting a hearing on the matter.

“I wouldn't have a problem with the intelligence committee or the Judiciary Committee having hearings on this,” he said. “If [House Judiciary Chairman] John Conyers [D-Mich.] wants to have hearings, they shouldn't call in the Department of Justice attorneys as their first witnesses. The first people that should be called in and held accountable ought to be Congress.”

Let the games begin.

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