22 May 2009

Boucher is protested

H/T to Article XI:


Looks like the Feckless One is getting hammered from both sides. I have no sympathy for these idiots who disrupt public business, but I find it amusing that our Congressman is protested by environmental groups when he supports Waxman’s horrible legislation.

As to the protesters, come to Buchanan or Dickenson Counties and try that. You’d be run out and tarred and feathered. These idiots don’t realize that coal drives the electricity they use to blog by, it drives the electricity that heats their water when they shower. Idiots!!!

These type of protests accomplish nothing but a criminal record and bad press for your cause. You want to protest? Fine. Find a place where no public proceedings will be interrupted. As to Congressman Boucher, I hope he realizes that coal UMWA is what is keeping him in office. He sells out again, he may be out of a job come 2010.

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