13 May 2009

Disrespect for authority

I believe that when authority is corrupt, there is no authority. However, this young man blatantly breached his “contract” with his school and I have no sympathy for him at all. He’s cashing in on a decision to break the rules. He knew going in that this was part of the school’s position. His parents could have disagreed and went elsewhere.

During an interview with Harry Smith, Frost explained that his private Christian school does have a contract stipulating "no dancing." However, he didn't believe it should include dancing outside of school. So, despite a stiff warning from his principal, he went to his girlfriend's prom at another school. He has since been suspended and won't be allowed to take his final exams on time or graduate with the rest of his class.

It’s not been so long ago that we had a president who did away with inaugural balls because his conscience forbade him to dance. I’m not saying dancing is bad, but when your school sets policy guidelines and then you intentionally break those guidelines, you get what you deserve(please note the bold sentence above.) This young Mr. Frost is paying the price for breaking the rules. Isn’t that what our society is predicated on? The rule of law? Sure, this isn’t public law. However, for this school, this rule was law.

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