07 May 2009

The Grey Lady

The New York Times runs an article in today’s paper that purportedly stands up for the “lost voices” of the Gitmo detainees. What about the missing voices in New York City from 9/11?  I believe in fair treatment for everyone but how can you be fair to those who seek your very annihilation?  As Pat Buchanan wrote in his column, “Is Torture ever Moral?”:


While the legal and moral case against torture is compelling, there is another side.

Let us put aside briefly the explosive and toxic term.

Is it ever moral to kill? Of course. We give guns to police and soldiers, and honor them as heroes when they use their guns to save lives.

Is it ever moral to inflict excruciating pain? Of course. Civil War doctors who cut off arms and legs in battlefield hospitals saved many soldiers from death by gangrene.

The morality of killing or inflicting severe pain depends, then, not only on the nature of the act, but on the circumstances and motive.

In other words, the issue is not as cut and dry as liberals would have us believe.  Personally, short of outright murder, I believe “enhanced interrogation techniques” should have been left out of any reports. Did anyone try to stop the Japanese from torturing our boys in WWII? How about the horrible atrocities at Auschwitz?

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