06 May 2009

These wonderful United States of America

Phil Gramm had it partly right, we HAVE become a nation of whiners.  We whine when we don’t get our way, we whine when the boss at work expects us to do our job instead of surfing the internet all day. We whine when the government cuts services to illegal immigrants.

Friends, there are few left who fully remember the Great Depression and the soup lines and the Dust Bowls out in the midwest. There are only a few who remember the Coal Wars in West Virginia. They didn’t whine. They stepped up and did something about it.  What about the soldiers of the Greatest Generation? Did they whine? No, they manned up and did what their country told them to do.

We whine about the soldiers who are fighting for this country, but then exercise the free speech which they fight to defend. We whine about this and we whine about that. Hello. United States, it is time TO GROW UP!!!   The entitlement culture that the 60’s and 70’s cultivated is finally coming home to roost. The straight truth is, no one owes me anything other than what is in the Constitution. Beyond that, the rest is left to my ingenuity  and dreams.

Friends, we have no concept of what it really means to sacrifice something. We think if we miss a dinner, we’re really sacrificing. How about the people who planted Victory Gardens in WWII? How about Rosy the Riveter and women like her? What exactly are we sacrificing? We have no concept of true sacrifice. Instead of demanding that businesses pay a “living wage” no matter the productivity of your work, how about if we got paid according to our skill level and education and productivity. Novel concept, I know.

There are no politicians out there who are willing to say, “Hey, we’re not going to increase spending, we’re not going to increase services. We ALL need to tighten the belt and go from there. Certainly, Barack Obama doesn’t have the cajones to say that. He’s spending us into oblivion, and wants $65 billion for world health relief?

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