07 May 2009

Constituent Service?

A month ago, I wrote a letter to Congressman Rick Boucher asking that he stand up against the monstrosity that is known as our federal government.  I asked that he stand up and vote no against additional bailouts for banks, automakers, etc. I also asked that he prove to the Ninth District that he “wasn’t in Cecil Roberts’ back pocket” (that is a direct quote from my letter) and vote NO on the Employee Free Choice Act. Having worked in a Congressional office in DC, I fully understand the hectic pace and long hours that are worked. However, his staff has failed to respond to my letter.

Everyone says, Boucher has excellent constituent service and that is why he keeps getting elected. Hogwash!! A hard copy letter is still the only way to get attention in these offices. I took the time to write a letter and still no reply?  The citizen-lobbyist is an effective tool when it comes to “putting their feet to the fire”, or so I thought. Rick Boucher is interested in little more than pandering to the UMWA and mortgaging the future of the United States.

I’d suggest writing to your Congressman and letting him know how you feel and what you expect of him/her. Just don’t expect a reply from Rick Boucher if you disagree with him.

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