07 May 2009

Abingdon National Day of Prayer Ceremony

I’ve just returned from the National Day of Prayer ceremony in downtown Abingdon. The attendance was about average for an event at midday during the week. That said, here are a few observations:


1.) President Obama and the Congress were tops on the prayer lists of almost everyone there. Sure, there were those who asked for policies to be reversed but the prayers reflected a genuine concern for our nation


2.) Each prayer began with a request that the individual(giving the prayer) be revived and rejuvenated to participate in the public life of our nation. There are matters where compromise is amenable, but on matters relating to core beliefs, there can be no room for compromise. (emphasis mine, not the event)

3.) There was ONLY ONE elected official who accepted the invitation to be a part of the event. Delegate Joe P. Johnson of the 4th HOD district. Boucher? Nope. None of the county BOS bothered to show up. I respect Delegate Johnson and appreciate his attendance.

4.) There were no partisan comments directed at a particular party. This event was organized, presented and attended by concerned Christians in our community and county.

5.) A genuine attitude of fellowship and friendship exists in the religious life of Washington County.

If you had a chance to attend an event near you, I trust that your experience was as humbling and moving as mine was.

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