21 May 2009

Thank you Mr. Boucher – pt. 1

NOTE: I forgot to mention that the Armistice did NOT end the state of war that exists between Pyongyang and Seoul. To this day, a formal state of war continues to exist between North and South and the US continues to lead the UN Force Command on the Korean Peninsula.


Well, I finally received a response from Mr. Boucher’s office regarding my question on the UN Korean Medal. I appreciate it. However, do you want to know what that response is comprised of? A print off of the Wikipedia article on the Medal and a print off of the Army information article from the Army website. That’s it. Not even a reply letter. Ok, I understand the dates are in place, but here’s my argument:


1.) The United States intervened on the Korean peninsula at the request of the United Nations in Security Council Resolutions 2.A.3.84 which reads in part:


The Security Council,
Having determined that the armed attack upon the Republic of Korea by forces from North Korea constitutes a breach of the peace,
having recommended that Member s of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security in the area,
1. Welcomes the prompt and vigorous support which Governments and peoples of the United Nations have given to its resolutions 82 (1950) and 83 (1950) of 25 and 27 June 1950 to assist the Republic of Korea in defending itself against armed attack and thus to restore international peace and security in the area;
2. Notes that Member s of the United Nations have transmitted to the United Nations offers of assistance for the Republic of Korea;
3. Recommends that all Member s providing military forces and other assistance pursuant to the aforesaid Security Council resolutions make such forces and other assistance available to a unified command under the United States of America ;
4. Requests the United States to designate the commander of such forces;
5. Authorizes the unified command at its discretion to use the United Nations flag in the course of operations against North Korean forces concurrently with the flags of the various nations participating;
6. Requests the United States to provide the Security Council with reports as appropriate on the course of action taken under the unified command.  (The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, Website, 11 September 2005)

The United States was specifically asked to appoint a commander of the United Nations Forces Command in Korea. There is photographic proof that the UN Flag still flies on US installations in Korea and have done so since the Armistice. I personally have photographic evidence that the UN flag was flown in an official capacity as the visit by then President Eisenhower in 1960.



Please note the UN flag that is flown beside the Union Jack of Great Britain. Also note the different countries in the review. This photo was taken by my father in the Spring or Summer of 1960 before he shipped back Stateside. Don’t believe that Ike was there? Ok, here’s more:


General Eisenhower is noted in red circle, note the salute from the General. Also note, the Secret Service agents noted in blue. The size of this assembly precludes the possibility that a lower ranking official was making the visit.

The point to this exhibition is to show that the United States forces were part of the UN Command force directed to maintain the integrity of the DMZ after the Armistice. By the way, there have been numerous incursions by the North into the DMZ well AFTER the signing of the Armistice. I’ll continue with my disdain for Mr. Boucher’s office later.

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