12 May 2009

Patrick Muldoon

NOTE: I appreciate the comment and the wide variety of blog posts on Mr. Muldoon’s candidacy. I want to reiterate that I support Bill Bolling and that he IS a friend of conservatives across the Commonwealth. I just felt the need to speak my peace about Mr. Muldoon I intended no personal attacks against any who oppose him.


I’ve read and heard things said about Mr. Muldoon that range from mean spirited to indifferent. I want to clarify my position.

He’s a hard worker and in some ways, he’s a good campaigner. I worked with his campaign in 1996. I’ve seen him connect with people in Southwest Virginia who don’t even bother with politics. We took the better part of a full day and travelled to Lee County. We attended the morning livestock sale. The man can relate to people. During the whole time we were there, he mentioned that he was running for Congress from the outset and then talked cattle with the farmers there. He knew what they were doing and what they cared about.

I support Bill Bolling. He is the incumbent and carries all the advantages of that.There is no doubt that  he has been a friend to conservatives across the Commonwealth. That said, if Mr. Muldoon were so insignificant, why do all the blogs dedicate posts and pixels to him and his candidacy? How did he gather the petitions to be included on the Convention ballot? I’ve heard the standard line about comic relief, etc. I wonder what really drives this visceral reaction that Patrick Muldoon seems to elicit?

If the man has lied, then call him out on it. Provide proof, like Krystle did at C3.  It is one thing to run the man into the ground with reason, but its totally different to do it when all it is is “comic relief.” Before anyone starts, yes, I do feel a personal loyalty to the man. We worked and campaigned together. Yes, I did consider supporting him in his run. However, I know that the purpose of running candidates for office is to actually WIN those elections. Bill Bolling has won, and will win this time with the grace of God.

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