18 May 2009

Shame on you Mr. Boucher

About a month ago, I wrote two letters on behalf of my father SP4 Roy Fugate, late of the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division. I wrote one letter to the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations. The other was to my so-called Congressman Rick Boucher. Today I received a reply from the office of the Secretary General and Public Affairs office that was personalized and type written with a handwritten envelope. To date, I have received precisely no reply from Rick’s office.

Let me back up a little to inform you as to why I wrote these letters. I wrote Mr. Ban Ki-moon to inquire about formal recognition of my father’s service as a part of the United Nations Command in Korea, from 13 September 1958 to 6 October 1960. In short, I wrote asking that my father be awarded the United Nations Korean Medal in formal recognition of his service.

I wrote to Mr. Boucher asking for his help in expediting this process. I enclosed the letter that I sent to the Secretary-General and explained my situation. The two letters were posted on the very same day. I am highly disappointed in the vaunted “constituent service” that Mr. Boucher prides his office on. I’ve emailed his office, I’ve written letters that were personally signed by me.

It is a sad state of affairs when the United Nations mails a hand addressed reply with a personalized type written letter. You can’t seriously assert that the Ninth District congressional office is busier than the Public Affairs office of the United Nations? SHAME ON YOU MR. BOUCHER and SHAME ON YOUR STAFF!!!!


NOTE: I will include a scan of the letter and evelope from the UN shortly.

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