13 May 2009

Truck stop at Meadowview

UPDATE: The take from Washington County News on the split between residents.


The Washington County School Board passed a unanimous resolution opposing the construction of a Love’s Travel Center at Exit 24. This is the same exit at which the Meadowview Elementary School is located. While the jobs are needed in the community, there is tremendous cost associated with the construction of this truck stop.

1.) The road is very narrow and would require extensive reconstruction in order to accommodate the increased traffic. Will the developer pay for the renovation to the road?

2.) With the increase in traffic, what steps will be taken to ensure that Meadowview Elementary School will remain safe and relatively quiet for the students there?

3.) Comments have been made that eventually the school will close and move elsewhere. Has a feasibility study been made to that end?  What potential locations have been discussed along these lines?


Many supporters of the truck stop cite the need for jobs as the overriding factor in this equation. However, the potential impact on the school does need to be taken into consideration. Those who live in the Monroe District know that comparing this proposed truck stop and the one at Exit 29 is like comparing apples and oranges. The location of Meadowview Elementary is much closer to the interstate than is Glade Spring Middle School.  I believe this has been poorly thought out and the children in the school are going to pay the price for it.

Also, there is at least one individual who stands to personally gain from the construction of this truck stop. He owns a towing and repair business directly across from the proposed site and would see a dramatic increase in his personal business from it. That’s great. I have no problem with someone increasing their bottom line. Let’s just see that every angle has been covered

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