18 May 2009

Obama’s Creative Math

The Spender-in-Chief is using some pretty creative arithmetic  to justify a $108 billion increase in funding the International Monetary Fund, or IMF. The increase is attached to a supplemental war funding bill. The creative math?

In order to make this politically feasible, the administration has argued that the true cost of this $108 billion contribution to the IMF is actually zero. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did not accept this argument, but presented a figure that is very low; as this goes to press it is reportedly at $5 billion.

The rationale? We’re spending another $108 billion of taxpayers’ money, but it really isn’t costing us anything. Geez. This guy really believes that we’ll buy that. When the debate really heats up on this, remember this equation:

$108 billion = Zero dollars

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