01 May 2009

FDA = Federal Death Administration

I applaud the Christian Medical and Dental Association for taking the FDA to task for allowing the sale of the so-called “emergency morning after pill” to 17 year olds. Friends, in no case whatsoever is this pill warranted for any emergency. This is simply another instance of the corrupt Obama administration’s attempt at allowing genocide to continue in this country.

Want some good advice? You spread your legs, you deal with the consequences.Guys, you’re not exempt here either. If you can’t keep your pants zipped, you have to man up and deal with the situation. The conception of a pre-born baby is NEVER an emergency. EVER.

This quote, while a good start, still masks the main problem. Girls get pregnant and think, oh I’ll just get an abortion. Boys think, there will be no consequences because I’ll just give her the morning after pill. The parents in this world have abdicated their divinely apportioned responsibility to raise and rear their children in a responsible way. I not only blame the Federal Death Administration, I also blame parents for not being available to their children and for not setting boundaries.


Stevens said he also believes the pill does nothing but mask the problem of incest, rape and teenage men who will use the advantage of peer pressure to force teen girls into sex because they will be able to get access to the pill.

“You’re going to put this pill in the hands of young men who will tell the girl, ‘Don’t worry. I’ve got the morning after pill.’ Social policy-wise, it is an enabling drug,” said Stevens.

Using data he has researched, Stevens said the manufacturer of the Plan B pill is making millions off of a tablet that costs less than 30 cents to manufacture but costs over $60 per box to buy.

“You can buy a whole month’s supply of generic birth control pills for less than $4,” he said.

“They talk about their ideology that this will free up women, but this is a money issue. And we have proof that it doesn’t reduce the abortion rate nor the pregnancy rate. The main reason to sell it is you will make a ton of money.”

In the interim, our FDA has become the Federal Death Administration

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