23 April 2009

The Right to Vote is Fundamental?

Lowell, over at Blue Virginia blog, has this post about Jody Wagner and her tendency to skip Democrat party primaries. I have no dog in the fight about Ms. Wagner. However, I would point out that the fundamental nature of voting extends into the workplace as well. The fundamental choice about the EFCA is whether it is crucial to vote only for politicians, but not for the option of unionizing a workplace. I submit that the answer is no. The franchise, whether to elect leaders or to organize a union is of vital importance. The EFCA removes the secret ballot, which in reality removes the vote, from the organization process and turns collective bargaining into forced union membership which is at odds with Virginia as a Right-to-Work state. With all due respect to Lowell, I submit that it is somewhat hypocritical to support the EFCA and at the same time promote the sacredness of the franchise. I submit they are one in the same.

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