23 April 2009

Mike Pence - A Stand Up Guy

NOTE: I still prefer Duncan Hunter over everyone else out there. Wish he would run again. Mike Pence is excellent as well.

I've always liked Mike Pence. He's a stand up guy and he knows his stuff on fiscal and economic policy as well as energy policy. For those veterans who read this blog, "He Knows his stuff" is about as high a compliment as anyone can get.  This should be of particular interest to those of us in the Ninth District with a Congressman who claims to be an energy expert.

Let me be clear: cap and tax is a job killer.

With small businesses and factories being forced to cut jobs or close their doors, more Americans will be out of work and unable to support their families. Those few businesses and factories that manage to stay open will only do so by passing their increased energy costs on to consumers.

Good Sense? Talk to Mike Pence about good sense in energy policy.

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