25 April 2009

Where Rick Boucher Stands

NOTE: I would pay particular attention to the GOA, Right to Life and Club for Growth ratings. Those are pretty influential in the conservative community, in my humble opinion.

I've decided to take this opportunity to pass along ratings for Mr. Boucher from key conservative organizations. I'll include links so you can check them out yourself:

1.) Gun Owners of America: B-
2.) National Right to Life:  F
3.) Club for Growth :  F  4%
4.) American Conservative Union: F  Lifetime rating of 15.97 (Only Jim Moran and Bobby Scott have lower ratings)
5.) National Taxpayers Union : F   5%
6.) Christian Coalition: D
7.) Family Research Council: F 11% Again, only Jim Moran and Bobby Scott have lower ratings.

I included the GOA rating because it is the only one that has Boucher rated above a D. If you will read closely to the terminology used in the rating, it indicates that Boucher generally votes with the GOA's position, but compromises often.

Friends in the Ninth District, perhaps Boucher is not the only part of the problem. Perhaps it is us. We have so long been socially conservative but fiscally liberal that it has become part of the political landscape in the Ninth. We need candidates who will talk openly and honestly about the need to actually cut the federal government and return it to its constitutionally mandated scope.

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