21 April 2009

EFCA or Straight from the Pits of Hell

I genuinely try to avoid overhyped political rhetoric, as it does no good for anyone, but friends I have to tell you how I feel about this one.

First, I’d like commend Chris Guy for his attempt at balance here in his post at Fred2Blue. This post is well written and has good analysis(albeit obvious).

Second, the so-called Employee Free Choice Act is a piece of legislation straight from the pits of hell. There is NO free choice about it. It is a subversive effort by union bosses and their politicians to remove the most precious possession any hard working American has. Their vote. Removing the secret ballot from the organizing process, the unions and their politicians are seeking to pad their coffers off the backs of men and women who possibly have no desire to organize their workplace.

In my very humble opinion, the EFCA is the single most dangerous piece of legislation that will come before this Congress. We need to encourage OUR politicians to reject this subversive bill.

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