19 April 2009

Very good take

Citizen Tom at Citizen Tom has this on Delegate Scott Lingamfelter’s  response to the DHS report on rightwing extremism. I quote CT here:

Perhaps the timing of the Department of Homeland Security report will help people to wise up.  The report came out right before April 15th and the Tea Parties.   Will the report help most people to understand something about what our current administration thinks of Conservatives?  If not, will the coverage of the Tea Parties by the corporate news media help people to understand the extent of the news media bias?  Only time will tell.

We are still a free people.  This land still belongs to all of us;  America is still our country. We have a choice. Either we exercise our civic responsibilities, or they will be taken away. If enough of us do not take the time to participate honorably in politics, we will lose our freedom and our country.   Every single one of us.

Perhaps we will wise up. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it though.


  1. Thanks for the pointer and the compliment.

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  2. With my back in the shape its in, I have nothing but time to work on it. Thanks for the comment and look forward to hearing from you again.

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