04 November 2008

Voting in Abingdon

For all the hoopla surrounding this election, the polls were incredibly uncrowded this afternoon as I went to vote. The Democrats and Republicans were out handing out sample ballots. As I entered the "booth", I paused for a moment to ensure that the vote I was casting was the best for our nation. I voted for Bob Barr. I have been terribly disappointed in this election cycle. The caliber of candidates was very poor on both sides, with the exception of Duncan Hunter. 

America will get what she bargains for.  She will either get a socialist (bordering on communist) Democrat or she will get a socialist Republican. Did I just say that McCain is a socialist?  Yes. From the abomination that bears his name (McCain-Feingold) to his support of the destructive bail out of Wall Street, John McCain has offered conservatives very little in assurance that he will govern with our values in mind. What makes it so certain that he will appoint originalist judges and justices? 

And Barack Hussein Obama is no better. Words have meaning. It is difficult to comprehend that a man could sit under the so called "teaching" of Rev. Wright and not share his intellectual framework and worldview. It is also pertinent to point out that just 4 or 5 years ago, Barack Hussein Obama was a State Senator in Illinois and he's now poised to become the man with his finger on the triger? Please. Barack Hussein Obama is no more qualified to be president than Sarah Palin is, perhaps even less so. Mrs. Palin does have executive experience which is more than BHO has.

Tonight America steps into the future. May God have mercy on us.

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