04 December 2008

Cuccinelli qualifies for Convention ballot

Senator Ken Cuccinelli has gained enough signatures on petitions to qualify to be included in the RPV nominating convention next year. I will grant that Mr. Brownlee has quite a batch of endorsements, but in my humble opinion, Senator Cuccinelli has been battle tested in the toughest part of the Commonwealth for conservatives. Northern Virginia has been tough for conservatives in statewide elections. I believe Senator Cuccinelli will be a stronger candidate in the more populous areas than will Mr. Brownlee. That being said, Mr. Brownlee, or for that matter, Mr. Cuccinelli, will have a tough row to hoe next year.

Kilo, my friend, we agreed on Duncan Hunter for President, some of the few in this state to do so. I have to disagree this time buddy. Ken Cuccinelli is the future of the RPV, and the future is now.

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