02 December 2008

Kudos to Michelle Obama

Don't get me wrong, I believe her husband is taking the wrong kind of stands, but Mrs. Obama has made it clear that she intends to be a good wife and mother to her children. Thank you Michelle. Dr. Albert Mohler, a Southern Baptist Seminary president and cultural commentator has this post on his blog.

Despite the pressures of the feminazis in her party, it is somewhat reassuring that the incoming First Lady has her priorities straight. Would the same radical feminists decry the raising of the Obama children by White House staff while Mrs. Obama pursued her career outside the White House? There's some food for thought. Another question. While these women claim to be espousing feminist ideals, doesn't it seem strange that they are attempting to become more masculine and simultaneously attempting to feminize the men of the world. As Brad Paisley puts it(sic) there's no mousse in my hair and I still got a PAIR, Thank God I'm still a guy.

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