02 June 2009

Deeds on outside looking in?

Since the beginning of the year, I have maintained that if the Democrats were smart, they’d nominate Creigh Deeds for Governor. Deeds has long standing ties to Virginia, he’s the only one with rural ties and does not come with the baggage of being the talking head of the Clinton administration or being Jimbo Moran’s brother. Apparently, some in the DPVA take issue with his “conservative values” stance back from his AG campaign. Creigh Deeds is the ONLY Democrat I could remotely stomach as governor. For no other reason than he does in fact have long standing ties to our Commonwealth and he hails from a rural region of the state.

Lowell, at Blue Virginia, believes that T-Mac has the better shot at beating McDonnell. His reasoning is sound, although I don’t agree with his conclusion.

In this case, I honestly don't believe that either Creigh or Terry is a better man than the other one or clearly more electable against Bob McDonnell. In fact, neither Creigh or Terry will have an easy race against McDonnell, although I certainly believe we can beat that guy if we have the resources to let people know who he really is. (Emphasis mine)

Lowell and I usually don’t agree about anything, but I do agree that neither Deeds nor McAuliffe will have an easy race against McDonnell. In fact, the entire Democrat ticket will have a competitive race on its hands. The fact remains that Bob needs to define himself before the Dems get the chance. He’s got a winning platform and a strong ticket.

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