09 June 2009

Deeds Wins

Although it will be a barn burner of a campaign, Creigh Deeds will be facing Bob McDonnell in the general election to determine Virginia’s next governor.

Although the conservative hack in me would have liked to have campaigned against THE talking head of the Clinton years, I have to admit that Virginia Democrats did the smart and prudent thing by selecting Senator Deeds. I’ve maintained that he was the most serious and credible of the three candidates and he does not carry the baggage that McAuliffe and Moran does. This sets up a rematch from 4 years ago in which McDonnell defeated Deeds by only a very slim margin.

This election will be difficult by any stretch of the imagination. McDonnell has poll numbers that are consistently high and he has the advantage of being a seasoned winner on the statewide ticket. Congratulations to Senator Deeds.

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