30 January 2007


As promised, I am going to post my opinion about each candidate's (or draft movement) website. Tonight I begin with one of the frontrunners, John McCain's Exploratory Committee.

Aside from the ominous black and white layout, there is very little functionality to the website. The viewer is able to watch a speech given at GOPAC meeting and other informative blurbs. Senator McCain's website serves the purpose it was designed for. Namely, it serves as a presence on the internet for his Presidential campaign. It does offer the viewer the opportunity to sign up for the campaign e-mail list and thus be targeted as potential primary voter in viewer's state.

Beyond these few minimal functions, Mr. McCain would be well served to spruce up his website. I am not saying it has to have the bells and whistles of John Edwards website, but it would be nice to see a little red in the site. I would rate this site a 2 out of 5.

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