31 January 2007

Washington County Politics

With the exception of the Sheriff, two men have been constants in Washington County politics as far back as I can remember. Dennis Godfrey as Commonwealth's Attorney and Fred Parker as County Treasurer. On January 18, the three announced that they will seek re-election to their respective offices. Frankly, I'm not sure that there are many Republicans in Washington County who can beat the three men. In 1999, we had a slate of CHIEF candidates for county wide offices. I was one of these candidates. I'll tell you about my exploit some other time. I will say that the Democrat ticket trounced us pretty good. We worked hard, but couldn't overcome the name recognition.

Personally, I have no issue with any of these men. Dennis Godfrey and Fred Parker have served Washington County for many years and Sheriff Newman can be credited for his role in the development of the Regional Jail System in Southwest Virginia.

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