10 January 2007

Upcoming Agenda


I've been debating some changes to Good Sense that would allow greater flexibility. However, I wanted to inform you of the upcoming agenda here.

1.) I will continue to reveal different planks in a "Back to the Future" platform for the GOP. These planks include: Social Issues, Defense, Intelligence and The War on Terror, Economy.

2.) In keeping with Ben's excellent posts regarding State Senate districts, I'll be examining Washington County and trends in voting there. It's pretty obvious to those of use who live here, but others might find it interesting.

3.) This project is something I intended to start last year, but my forced hiatus dictated other wise. I intend on examining some of the Federalist Papers. This is just for civic purposes!
There you have it. Good Sense will try to be a blog that is interesting, conservative and informative.

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