21 February 2009

America First Party

The United States’ two party political system has failed. Beginning in the first half of the twentieth century with FDR, a plethora of unconstitutional spending programs and public works projects has bloated the size of the United States Government to a level not even imagined by the Founders, much less approved by them. The Democrats have been overtaken by the radical environmental, feminist and homosexual agendas. Now that the Left controls both the White House and the Congress of these United States the American taxpayer will be expected to foot the bill. The Republican party, while less friendly to the above lobbies, has become the party of big business and neo-conservative New World Order advocates.

I have been debating as to what personal action is consistent with my own conscience. To that end, I announce my formal resignation from the Republican party and my affiliation with the America First Party. I will still support those candidates that I have listed on my blog. I believe in the sanctity of my word and I will fulfill that obligation. After that, I will devote my efforts toward helping build a party that still believes in Fair Trade, the sanctity of ALL human life, and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

The AFP has a grassroots approach to party building. They believe in building from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. To that end, the AFP will focus efforts on electing principled people to county and municipal offices almost exclusively. The AFP recommended Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin and Libertarian nominee Bob Barr to its members as candidates most in line with the AFP platform.

There, I did it AND mean it this time. I voted for Bob Barr in 08 and kept my word that I would not vote for John McCain. I still look forward to working with my conservative friends in the ODBA and the Jeffersoniad to advance conservative causes.

America First Party

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