26 February 2009

Why can’t John Brownlee stop lying about Ken Cuccinelli? | I'm Surrounded By Idiots

Hat tip to Shaun Kenney  for this very entertaining and very informative look at the Brownlee campaign’s assault on Senator Ken Cuccinelli.  A particularly interesting section of this post reads:

2006 session: Chief Patron of legislation that would have ensured that state law enforcement officers received the same expanded overtime compensation requirements that were passed in 2003 (SB 657). Chief Patron of legislation that expanded the definition of “sexually violent predators” and expanded the ability of the Office of the Attorney General to access child protective services records (SB 694). This piece of legislation was incorporated into a larger bill, SB 559, which significantly revamped the state’s Sex Offender Registry, which Cuccinelli was also a Co-Patron of. Co-Patron of legislation that increased penalties for people that commit sex crimes when they should be on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry, but haven’t registered (HB 561), which was incorporated into HB 984. Chief Patron of legislation that would have made “several changes in the process and procedures afforded to [law enforcement] officers under the procedural guarantee act, including right to counsel, notice of allegations, and a prohibition against a complaining officer being in charge of an investigation” (SB 697). Co-Patron of a resolution commending the Virginia Capitol Police and its head, Colonel George B. Mason, Jr. (SJ 296). Co-Patron of a resolution celebrating the life of Officer Seneca B. Darden of the Norfolk Police Department, who was killed in the line of duty (SJ 5035).

It seems like Senator Cuccinelli, far from being in cohorts with Kaine and the Dems, has actually fought very hard for law enforcement across the Commonwealth.  Care for another snippet? Senator Cuccinelli has long defended the pre-born and is a pro-life giant in the State Senate. My friend DJ has this to say:

John Brownlee, according to his own website, was U.S. Attorney for seven years, longer than Cuccinelli was in the state senate.  More importantly, Brownlee was active with the judicial branch of the Federal government, the branch which actually legalized abortion in 1973.  How many times did Brownlee fight to have Roe v. Wade overturned?  In how many cases did his office stand up for pre-born children?  If there were any, his website makes no mention of it.

My friends, I respect all three of the GOP candidates for Attorney General.  However, when it comes to a strict misrepresentation of an opponent’s record, I have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed. This fact is exacerbated by the reality that Mr. Brownlee’s wife has extensive roots to Southwest Virginia. Mrs.. Leigh Ann Necessary-Brownlee served as six o’clock anchor for WCYB TV in Bristol. One would imagine that Mrs. Brownlee would understand the value of the truth.

 Here’s another intriguing and most informative post. Thanks to my friend Chris at Mason Conservative. If we choose to admit it or not, there is a moral aspect to Capital Punishment and the following blurb is very succinct in its description.

The death penalty should not be something we celebrate, it should not be something we consistently push for an expansion without thinking about it.  Ken's caution in his last statement, getting caught up in a robbery gone bad, is correct.  Taking a human life is serious business and we have to make sure its applied honestly and applied to those who truly deserve it.  Brownlee comes at it from a US Attorney's perspective and I can understand how he thinks it helps, but does it really help society to put someone to death because of an accident or a robbery gone bad? 


Why can’t John Brownlee stop lying about Ken Cuccinelli? | I'm Surrounded By Idiots

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