04 February 2009

Personal Loyalty

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling has done a good job in a difficult position working with a liberal Democrat as boss and is a fine man as far as I can tell. However, before I ever heard of Lt. Governor Bolling, I met a young Giles county farmer running for the Ninth District Republican nomination. I've covered plenty of miles in an old Ford Aerostar anywhere between Abingdon and Lee County or Buchanan County and Dickenson County. I've personally walked with Patrick Muldoon during a campaign where we where constantly told, oh you'll never beat Rick Boucher. That was true. We didn't beat him. Patrick waged a vigorous campaign and garnered 40% of the vote. Patrick kept moving forward. He saw it through to the end. Patrick Muldoon is a man I'd walk through political hell with. I saw the measure of the man when faced with late night returns from meetings, his campaign manager and I and Patrick would sleep on the floor with one pillow until morning broke and off to do it again.

My point in this diatribe is that personaly loyalty sometimes trumps political expedience. I throw my support to Patrick Muldoon for Lieutenant Governor

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