11 April 2010

Abingdon Town Council pt. 2

A few days after posting this regarding Abingdon’s town council race, I received visits from Rick Humphreys and Carl Mallory. In the interest of fairness, I cannot claim credit for causing their visits, but it was good to see some door to door stumping nonetheless.

Mr. Humphreys comes from a well known family in Washington County and I must admit, I cannot be totally impartial with my assessment. He is a sincere, well spoken man who seeks to preserve Abingdon’s historical atmosphere while attempting to draw more business to the downtown area.

Mr. Mallory is an interesting fellow. I feel that he is an up and comer in Abingdon politics and while I’m still as yet undecided, I feel more comfortable with him as a candidate.

In my previous post, I did not mention Cathy Castle Lowe is running for reelection. Mrs. Lowe is a business owner in Abingdon and is a first term council member.

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