08 April 2010

Local, Local races

Well, it is getting close to election day. Yes, that’s right Virginia, there is an election being held on May 4. In Abingdon, there are several seats up for grabs which includes long time Council Member Dr. French Moore. Carl Mallory, Rick Humphreys and Bob Howard. Very little is being done by any of the candidates to be honest and the one who has made door knocks is the one candidate I think I’m less inclined to support. He’s a personable fellow and have reviewed his literature and bio sketch. There may be more candidates in the wood works, but doubtful since filing time has passed. I know what I get with Dr. Moore, but the appeal of fresh ideas on the town council is pretty intense as well. I look forward to seeing them get out more.

In my view, if the election were decided to day, here’s my top 3:

1. French Moore

2. Bob Howard

3. Rick Humphreys


Abingdon politics is a fluttering with this upcoming election, but will it flutter afterward or will we see more of the same. We want to see real jobs come to the outlying areas of town such as across from the new Lowe’s. We’d like to see a larger industrial base move into some of our older shell buildings. We’d like to see a company like TRW move to the Glade Spring Industrial Park where only Utility Trailer now resides.

Something to think about. When businesses want to relocate or open in Abingdon, why does the zoning commission and architectural review dictate why businesses should blend in to these quaint little antique shoppes when we really need is a large company with capital to invest in a site and also in the community. We should be actively searching for these kinds of opportunities. Instead, we quivel over the color of the paint or the tone of the masonry work. I hope Abingdon makes smart moves this May.

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