12 April 2010

Did you know?

That the Southern Baptist Convention has provided disaster relief in multiple areas of the world and in our own backyard, here are a few realities


2008 Activity Report

Volunteer Days 118,951
Meals Prepared 7,914,391
Mudout Jobs 2,647
Chainsaw Jobs 9,289
Repair Jobs 243
Roofing Jobs 295
Children Cared For 1176
Showers 90,497
Laundry Loads 33,775
Water (Gallons) 247,113
Messages Sent 2,152
Chaplaincy Contacts 9,714
Professions of Faith   448
Gospel Presntations 3,487
Other Decisions 61
Ministry Contacts 20,925


  1. The one number that matters most: 448.

  2. I agree. And the next number is 118,951. Almost the entire relief effort is volunteer led and managed. Good to hear from you Shaun.