12 April 2010

Crooked what?

Before the claws come out, I’m a supporter of bluegrass and mountain music in every way possible. However, I have a few questions about this “music trail.”


1. Has this designation created one new manufacturing or farming job in each of the counties the road winds through?

2. Does this designation entitle Virginia’s Ninth District to a special place at the appropriations table in Congress? Do we benefit in some unseen way?

3. What happens if the Crooked Road becomes straight?


I challenge anyone to name one job that’s been created or attracted here because of the “Crooked Road.”  There is however, a place in the upper end of Washington County that could attract a medium or large capital company to create jobs. It is called “The Glade Highlands Industrial Park.” Where are the jobs that were promised? The almost $1 million dollars in low or no interest loans have done little to nothing to draw companies willing to invest in the community or the county instead we keep drawing in transitory cash from the truck stop. Our capital is being send north with the truckers.

Never mind the almost 1,200 jobs a year that Virginia stands to lose if Cap and Tax is enacted.Instead, Washington County is becoming the Meth capital of Southwest Virginia and Rick Boucher and his union cronies are smiling all the way to re-election each term. Kilo sparks things up with his observation about the Feckless One’s inability to deliver on good paying, permanent jobs.

It’s not about trying to chase a pot of gold, it’s not even about trying to get the finer things in life, in some instances, one of these jobs could be the difference between standing in line at the free clinic in Meadowview or being seen by a specialist at The Campus for the kids. A job that a man can hang his hat on and feel secure at. Come on Rick, give us something better than the Crooked Road.

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