28 April 2007

Bastion of Integrity?

Before I begin, I will note for the record I will not link to the mentioned posts because they are posted on the usual suspects, Raising Kaine, VBDems, Richmond Democrat, etc. However I will be remiss if I let the snide name calling go unanswered.

A post at RK quotes Bill Maher (we all know he is SUCH a bastion of integrity) as saying that the place to find people dumb enough to believe Mr. Bush is Regent University Law School. Ok, I will point out that Mr. Robertson has made rather questionable statements in the past. However, where is Maher's law school? Has he trained young men and women to practice law in our great Commonwealth? Has he made the sacrifices to start his own multimedia company? I submit that Mr. Maher has (like many other "celebrities" in Hollywood) taken advantage of the resources of others to capitalize his own career.

If the Attorney General supports Regent, so what? If it is his alma mater, more power to him. If the liberals and Democrats have such a problem with Regent, I suggest they raise the money and start their own... put your money where your mouth is or quit making noise!!!!

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