11 April 2007

Double Standards?

It's politically correct to bulldoze Don Imus for his remarks. It is politically correct for all the liberal special interest groups to "band together" to fight this "dragon". The Mason Conservative has an excellent post up with a counterpoint to all this chest beating by the liberals.

The Duke men's lacrosse team deserves an official apology from the state of North Carolina, the Attorney General's office, AND the mainstream media for indicting, trying and convicting these young men without having ever stepping into a court room. Where is the outrage? Where are the leading 'social justice activists'? Where is the justice for these young men?

I will be honest, I've never watched a minute of Don Imus, and could really care less about his show. I have listened to the remarks he made. Were his remarks insensitive? Yes. Were his remarks crude? Yes. Were his remarks racist? Probably, although just about anything can be warped into a racist comment these days. Should the man be fired? No. Lest we forget, the man was a radio talk host before obtaining the simulcast on MSNBC. Suspend him, reprimand him and then let the man go back to work. (If that's what you want to call what he does.) For the sake of clarity, I do NOT condone what Imus said, and find his remarks in poor taste.

To be sure, the Rutgers women's baseketball team should be very proud of its accomplishment of getting to the Final Four and the outstanding season it had.

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