05 April 2007

Washington County Politics


If you've driven through any part of Washington County, Virginia in the past few weeks I'm sure you've seen the yard signs popping up. Yes, it's that time again. LOCAL ELECTIONS!!! As I've mentioned before, I love local elections. The candidates have to have good shoe leather and a strong hand shake. I'll be posting more on these elections in the weeks to come.

However, I have decided to make my first endorsement in this campaign. The race for Circuit Court Clerk is shaping up to be the most competitive in years in Washington County. As it stands right now, it is a three way race between Tricia Phipps, who is seeking the Republican nomination, Mark Graham, local Democrat big wheel, and Lisa Andis, an independent. I've decided to support Tricia Phipps. This was more of a difficult decision because I happen to like Mr. Graham, and think he is a talented attorney.

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Phipps yesterday evening as she was campaigning door-to-door in my neighborhood. She has been working in the Clerk's office for 17 years and is the current Chief Deputy Clerk. She has participated in the mandated training that was implemented by the current Clerk Kathy Crane. Her vital, hands on experience makes her the best candidate in the field. If you live in Washington County, please check out her website at:
http://www.phipps4clerk.com and see for yourself.

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