29 April 2007

Triple Threat

CORRECTION: I have been made aware that the debate is scheduled for 3 May, not 5 May. My apologies.

As mentioned in my last post regarding my personal Final Four candidates, one was and is an extreme darkhorse. Everyone loves an underdog. It's the American tradition, we love to root for the little guy. However, another American tradition is that of winning. Americans love a winner. Conservatives are the same way. We love the little guy, and we advocate policies that are beneficial for ALL Americans, not punitive. However, it doesn't matter if you're the greatest and most conservatively sound candidate in the world, if you can't get your message to the voters. Therefore, I reveal to you my Triple Threat slate of candidates that are in contention for my support.

1.) Duncan Hunter - At this point, I have to admit that Mr. Hunter is the frontrunner to gain my support. He's right on the issues and he can communicate his positions effectively and clearly. He's using the internet in a very effective manner. The most important aspect is that as a genuine conservative, he's going to be allowed to participate in the debate on May 5.

2.) Fred Thompson - Even though Mr. Thompson is not a candidate yet, I believe that he will enter the race. I believe that Mr. Thompson will bring a conservative celebrity aspect to the race. However, I must say that if he waits much longer, conservatives with a fire in the belly may end up going to Duncan Hunter.

3.) Jim Gilmore - I have tried to ignore Mr. Gilmore's candidacy. The reasons for this are purely personal and will remain so. However, I must admit that former Governor Gilmore is an attractive candidate to those who remain undecided. As small as this detail is, when I read in an article in a liberal magazine that Mr. Gilmore is best remembered for keeping his word, it stikes a chord.

There you have it friends. My Triple Threat. Sure, it doesn't include the "Big Three" but it includes three genuine conservatives. I would like to mention Mr. Cox again. He is right on the issues. He appears to be principled. However, the MSM and the party establishment will not allow Mr. Cox a seat at the table. I wish Mr. Cox well as he continues his campaign.

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