25 April 2007

Interview with Tricia Phipps

Readers of Good Sense, here is the interview with Ms. Tricia Phipps, candidate for Circuit Court Clerk of Washington County.

GS: Please tell us why you are running for Circuit Court Clerk in Washington County.

TP: I am running for the office of Circuit Court Clerk because I have 17 years' service in the Clerk's office and am currently serving as Chief Deputy.

GS: What qualifies you to be the Circuit Court Clerk?

TP: I have met many really genuinely good people through my years of service in the Clerk's Office and feel honored to be able to serve in the capacity of interim Clerk. I feel the hands on (and not just field related) experience I have qualifies me to be Clerk of Court. I have been properly trained throughout the years by attending educational sessions taught by the Supreme Court of Virginia's Office of the Executive Secretary's Management Information Systems department. I have also participated in group forums concerning development and upgrades to the Case Management, Financial Management and Records Management systems that are used in our office. I currently am a member of an advisory panel that is aiding in developing a new calendaring software system that is being piloted by the 28th Judicial Circuit.

GS: The previous Clerk has instituted some impressive overhauls within the Clerk's office. What are your plans for improving the Clerk's office?

TP: I will be placing a Deputy Clerk in the records room to aid in assisting the general public. I will be offering secure remote access to land records, which will be required of each Clerk's Office by July 1, 2008, but I plan to offer that access sooner than the required date. I am currently consulting with County officials and the Supreme Court to decide what other technological advances are feasible for the office.

GS: Your campaign literature has stated that while your opponents are running campaigns, you will be running the Clerk's office. When will you be sworn in as the interim clerk?

TP: Kathy Crane, the current Clerk of Court retires on April 30, 2007 and I will be appointed interim Clerk to fill the term vacated by her on May 1, 2007.

GS: You are seeking the Republican nomination for this office. Are you facing any opposition for the GOP nomination?

TP: I am seeking the Republican nomination, the mass meeting will be held on May 24, 2007 and all attending will be required to be registered before 7:00 pm. I currently know of no other individual seeking the Republican nomination for this office.

GS: Two more questions. In your opinion, What are the most important qualities the next Clerk must have?

TP: I am a multitasker, a 'people person' and am not afraid to work hard, with the many and diverse duties of the office of Clerk I feel these are important qualities to possess.

GS: What would you like to say to the citizens of Washington County?

TP: I would like the citizens of the County to know that I plan to be a working Clerk and not merely a figurehead. I would also like to ask each of them to vote for me and the proper experience to get the job done on November 6.

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