28 March 2007

CFG Press Release

Here's a short post at the CFG website. In short, it mentions the GOP "alternative" budget. Pay special attention to numbers two and three in the bullet list. A hard freeze on non-defense 'discretionary' spending has long been warranted. Actual reduction in these areas would be preferable, but a freeze would be desirable at this point. Mandatory spending is also a huge "cookie monster" in need of massive cut backs.Senator Coburn has been the lone voice of reason in a Congress that has seen the passage of the massive "No Child Left Behind" program. I prefer to call this "No Bureaucrat Left Behind" as the greatest achievment this program has seen is the increase of federal oversight of an issue that is better left in the control of states and local government. In this light, I renew my call for the abolishment of the Department of Education.

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