12 March 2007

Another GOP candidate

UPDATE: I have to admit that while I agree with almost all of the posts at Evangelicals for Mitt, I have to draw issue with this particular post regarding the potential Presidential candidacy of Fred Dalton Thompson, former Senator from Tennessee. This post reaffirms (in my view) what I have mentioned in this post earlier. Governor Romney's camp will be the most concerned with a Thompson candidacy. I still support Governor Romney, in fact, I support him more now than I did before the "hubub" regarding Mr. Thompson. The post is well written, and well thought out and researched. However, I believe it to be folly to address an issue that isn't even an issue yet.It is my opinion, and mine alone, that Governor Romney's campaign and grassroots supporters continue to do exactly what they have been doing. Staying on message and staying on issue. Senator Thompson will do what he will do.

Ron Paul, Texas Congressman, has declared his intentions to seek the GOP nomination for the Presidency. Doug at Below The Beltway has a post on this here. Congressman Paul is one of the most distinct candidates officially in the race now. He doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning, but he does offer an alternative for those who are dissatisfied with the main candidates.

I've had the opportunity to meet Mr. Paul during my stay in Washington, DC. I have found him to be personable and principled. Again, as I've noted before, the GOP field is getting crowded and I look for a GOP candidate to do as Mr. Vilsack did. Although it will take much longer for this to happen.

It's obvious who I support. That said, there is only one other candidate who could make me rethink my support. That candidate is Fred Thompson. Should Thompson enter the race, it will shake things up among the top three candidates. Frankly, should this occur, Governor Romney will be the one who will suffer the most as some conservatives would flock to Thompson as an alternative to the GOP frontrunners.

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