06 March 2007

My Take

We've all heard the blow up over the call from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama to give back money donated from David Geffen after Geffen TOLD THE TRUTH. Senator Clinton has learned from one of the best political operators in our generation. When the tide starts to roll against you, move your opponents off of their message. It worked in each election Bill Clinton won the Presidency. As an American, Mr. Geffen has the right to spend his money and speak (within reason) on whatever he wants. However, as a partisan, I would really enjoy watching Senators Clinton and Obama plow the field with each other politically.

The GOP field, while noticeably less overtly hostile, still has potential to get ugly should the candidates allow it. At this point, I should point out one thing, negative campaigning, even in a primary season, is beneficial when it is based on a candidate's record and is factual and truthful. That is the only way we'll ever know the truth about a position or issue we care about. I hope that the GOP will refuse to allow circumstances to compromise our core principles. Yes, I'm talking about John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Between the two, I find Mr. Giuliani to a be a bit more palatable (but not by much).

At any rate, poll watchers, pundits and bloggers should bear in mind that politics, at its core, is about freedom of expression and freedom of speech. With that freedom comes greater responsibility.

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