28 March 2007

Make your best arguments

UPDATE: Please note that I have deleted a comment from this string. I have done so because its author had nothing substantive to contribute to what I had hoped would be a constructive exercise. For this post only, I reserve the right to delete comments which are hateful, contain no substantive arguments for a candidate, or contain only statements of facts that are public knowledge. I want this to be something constructive for all involved.

*I have been thinking that I may have prematurely jumped the gun as to a candidate to support for 2008. I like Governor Romney's business experience and his fiscal policy. I especially like his call for the repeal of McCain-Feingold. However, I need to reevaluate his positions on the fundamental issues such as abortion and pro-family marriage.

So, in that vein, I call on those members of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance who support candidates other than Romney to comment and make your best arguments in favor of your candidate. This will be added to personal research to help me make the BEST decision. This process will take some time, but I'm not willing to compromise my beliefs to vote for a so-called frontrunner.*

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