26 March 2007


I'll be brief. After a hectic race weekend in the Tri Cities area, things are returning to normal here in my town. If I miss a submission, please leave an email at charlie.fugate@gmail.com. On to the VBC:

Rick Sincere presents Radicals for Capitalism ... Gotta Say It! posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts.

Ward Smythe presents Why is the party of tolerance so intolerant? AND Democrat(ick) lead Congress throws pork at radical Islam posted at The Ward View.

Leslie Carbone presents Wish I'd Said That posted at Leslie Carbone.

Doug Jones presents Another "Stand By Your Man" Moment for Democrat[ics] posted at Madison Thacker.

Ron presents Environmental Illness posted at Isophorone.

Wise Girl presents Kilos Favorite things posted at Spark It Up!!!.

Carl Kilo presents The Great Divide posted at Spark It Up!!!.

Kat presents Love gifts posted at CatHouse Chat.

I'm Not Emeril presents The Harmans Of Clear Fork posted at Alton.

badrose presents Springtime in the Commonwealth posted at badrose.

Vivian J. Paige presents Withholding by pass-thru entities posted at Vivian J. Paige.

dadministrator presents Gateway to Loudoun Editorials posted at Gateway to Loudoun County.

The Educational Tour Marm presents The Baptism of Pocahontas: Capitol Offense - Get it Right! posted at The Educational Tour Marm.

Thanks to those who have submitted posts for this week's Virginia Blog Carnival. If I have missed a submission, please feel free to email at the above address, charlie.fugate@gmail.com with the Permalink, your blog's name, the name you want to submit under and the title of the post.

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